Choco Bar Line

Choco Bar Line

With cooperation of our partner, Khandabi Machinery, we offer two type of Choco Bar Lines in extruder system and slab former drum system. The lines are designed to produce all type of bars which can be filled with caramel, cereal, coconut powder, nougat and etc and later coated by chocolate. The line configuration for Extruder system is as below:

  • Cooking system & cold table
  • Mixer to prepare coconut paste
  • Extruder
  • First cooling tunnel (7.5 meters long)
  • Guillotine
  • Enrober
  • Decorator
  • Second cooling tunnel (14 meters long)

The configuration of slab former drum system includes nougat cooking & aeration system and caramel cooking system as well.

CitiBlue provides services from A to Z for the Choco Bar Lines, starting from designing your line, importing, assembling, commissioning and providing after sales support.

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