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Wind Energy... Spin & Create a Bright Future

Wind energy is a source of renewable power which comes from air current flowing across the earth's surface. Wind turbines harvest this kinetic energy and convert it into usable power which can provide electricity for home, farm, school or business applications on small (residential), medium (community), or large (utility) scales. Wind energy is one of the fastest growing sources of new electricity generation in the world today. These growth trends can be linked to the multi-dimensional benefits associated with wind energy.


Make Money

Wind farms enjoy guaranteed PPA for 20 years in Iran. Your wind farm will be connected to the national grid and you sell your power to electricity distribution companies. If you’re looking for a safe and sustainable investment, wind farm is a good choice at this period of time.


Power Stability

Power stability is a very important index for developed countries. In some countries like Germany in some period of times, government pays consumers to use electricity as production surpasses consumption. Renewable energy resources and DG power plants help to increase power stability.


Help Environment

Wind farms don’t have any impacts on our environment. Also they don’t need a lot of lands like solar farms. The concerns about global warming have been rising during last few years and one of the best solutions to stop the situation from getting worse, is to transfer from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Our Services


Consulting & Designing

Based on your needs and requirements, we design your power plant and prepare feasibility study. Also we create implementation stages and as your consultant, we help to reduce costs, increase efficiency and prepare everything for a best outcome.


Providing & Construction

Wind farms are very different from solar farms. Finding best location to build your power plant which has high wind potential and resources is time consuming. Also supplying best quality wind turbines and equipments needs expertise that CitiBlue provides for you.


Maintenance & Support

At CitiBlue we believe in plug & play. Don’t worry! we run your power plant, take care of that in all stages and be with you whenever you need us. We’re available 24/7 to provide comprehensive after-sales services to our customers. You trusted you and we don’t let you down...

Spin & Make Money

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