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WATERStation… Whole New World for Relief Units

WATERStation is an innovative idea which comes from integration of desalination and solar power and can be used as solar generator or desalination or both in emergency cases such as flood, earthquake and war. This product can be modified for sea or brackish water depends on the needs and requirements of our customers. This system can be used by military, relief and crisis management units. Some of the features of this product including easy transportation, easy installation and reliability makes this an unique product!

1 Military
2 Relief
3 Crisis Management
4 Dispersed Production
5 Residential & Industrial
1 Military


Micro-CHP up to 100kW can be used for apartments and office buildings, small CHP units up to 500kW can be used for hotels, offices and hospitals and large scale CHP units up to 2MW can be used for big industries, servers and other places. Large than 2MW will be a power plant.

2 Relief


The major customers of the energy container are the relief forces that use these products to provide emergency power during disaster such as floods and earthquakes. The WATERStation is a condensed energy container with integrated RO system, which has high capacity in in the event of a crisis. This device can independently generate up to 5 kWh of electricity per day through solar energy, which is a special advantage in disasters.

3 Crisis Management

Crisis Management

The Crisis Management Organization is one of the main pillars for managing unexpected events, as well as enhancing inactive defense. Organizations such as Crisis Management, Inactive Defense, and Red Crescent need advanced, innovative and new tools to provide better services in case of emergency. The WATERStation is ready to serve these forces as an innovative technology utilizing the latest technologies of the day.

4 Dispersed Production

Dispersed Production

At CitiBlue, we’ve designed and developed stationary and portable solar powered desalination units in small and medium scales which can be used to desalinate and purify water in any location without need for big investment. It’s one of the solutions to improve inactive defense and help people to access clean water individually.

5 Residential & Industrial

Residential & Industrial

In many parts of the world, people don’t have access to clean water in rural and industrial areas. Usually providing clean water is time consuming, costly and hard. We believe one of the best solutions for residential and industrial areas to access clean water is small scale desalination units. Don’t wait, contact us today to order your customized WATERStation.

Powered by Solar

Thanks to 4 x 275W solar panels, the system can produce up to 5kWhr energy per day which will be stored in 4 x 12V 100Ah Lead Crystal batteris. Also the system benefits from the integrated generator which can be used when solar energy is not available. Main power source is solar but it can be switched to generator or even external power source.

Desalinate & Purify Water

WaterStation is available in 2 models, brackish and seawater. Thanks to integrated RO system, WaterStation X series can desalinate and purify water with TDS up to 45000. Also the RO system is equipped with UV lamp, carbon filters and chlorination system to provide better quality output water. The system has 150L tank for clean water.

Emergency & Relief

Designed and developed specifically for emergency and relief units with military standards and outdoor canopy with IP53. Thanks to integrated trailer, it can be transferred easily and fast for emergency cases. Also it designed in a way to be ready for operation in less than 5 minutes. WaterStation is the best solution for emergency cases like earthquake and flood.

Technical Specification

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