Solar Farms

Clean Solution for a Sustainable Future

Solar Farms… Say Hello to the Future

Going solar mean moving toward a cleaner and more sustainable future. It’s about giving up fossil fuels and put renewable resources into practice. Our solar solutions not only generate energy but also generate money. It means with guaranteed PPA you can sell your power to national grid and generate money. Also we offer off-grid solar systems which enable you to generate energy for your household and save money. No matter why you go solar, the most important thing is that it’s a wisest choice of your life.

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Contact Us

Our team will visit your place to offer you best options to install solar system on your roof or garden. Later They’ll design your system and provide feasibility study for you to have better understanding about costs and rate of return. For home and industrial scales up to 100kW, we’ll use our internal team and for larger scales to be sure about the quality delivered to you we partner with international companies to provide services, products and installation guide for your project.

2 Agreement


After you agreed on the construction of your power plant based on the feasibility study that we prepared for you, our commercial team will provide a comprehensive contract for you which includes all responsibilities of the contractor and guarantees. Also payment condition will be provided for you. We’ll assist you for the best outcome.

3 Permissions


To build your power plant in Iran you need some mandatory permissions. First you need to register your project on the SATBA’s website. Later they’ll introduce you to a local power distributor company. Also for big projects you need to have environment permit, network connection scheme and construction permit. Our company will assist you to obtain all of these permissions.

4 Installation


We’re honored to cooperate with domestic and international companies to offer high quality and leading brands in solar industry. From panels to inverter and batteries we use premium products and we don’t sacrifice quality of our work because of price. Also we partner with domestic companies to provide structure for panels.

5 Operation


First step is to test your power plant for a short time and fix possible malfunctions. If everything passed the test, we’ll start the main operation fo your power plant. Our team will visit your PP time to time to inspect panels and other devices for possible technical problems. They’re also available 24/7 to find any issues you may face to during the normal operation of your PP.

Make Money

Solar farms enjoy guaranteed PPA for 20 years in Iran. Your solar farm will be connected to the national grid and you sell your power to electricity distribution companies. If you’re looking for a safe and sustainable investment, solar farm is a good choice at this period of time.

Power Stability

Power stability is a very important index for developed countries. In some countries like Germany in some period of times, government pays consumers to use electricity as production surpasses consumption. Renewable energy resources and DG power plants help to increase power stability.

Help Environment

Solar creates 91% less CO2 pollution than natural gas and 96% less CO2 than coal. The concerns about global warming have been rising during last few years and one of the best solutions to stop the situation from getting worse, is to transfer from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Our Services

Consulting & Designing

Based on your needs and requirements, we design your power plant and prepare feasibility study. Also we create implementation stages and as your consultant, we help to reduce costs, increase efficiency and prepare everything for a best outcome.

Providing & Construction

At CitiBlue, we’re able to provide off-grid and on-grid solar systems with different capacities. Also we’ll provide panels, inverters, charge controller and battery with highest quality and most well-known brands with affordable prices. We promised to deliver the best and we’ll do.

Maintenance & Support

At CitiBlue we believe in plug & play. Don’t worry! we run your power plant, take care of that in all stages and be with you whenever you need us. We’re available 24/7 to provide comprehensive after-sales services to our customers. You trusted us and we don’t let you down...

Let the Sun Pays Your Bills

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