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Water and power are not tomorrow’s challenges anymore. Many countries suffer from water scarcity and no doubt soon the number will increase. Soon, many big cities will run out of drinking water and most likely a lot of them will be in the Middle East and Africa. At CitiBlue, we come up with solutions to reduce the impacts of climate change and drought. We also partner with leading international companies to transfer knowledge and experience in order to develop technologies and solutions which enable societies to survive while facing limited resources.


Stationary and portable reverse osmosis units powered by clean and renewable energy such as wind or solar. The best solutions for rural areas and emergency cases.


Stationary and portable energy storage systems designed and developed for emergency and relief units. The systems powered by clean and renewable energy.

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At CitiBlue, you can always find innovative solutions which can’t be found anywhere else. Solar powered evaporating system, RO at suitcase and many more are waiting for you