Power Plants

Energy is the pillar of industry

Next Generation Power Plants by CitiBlue

At CitiBlue, we believe energy is the pillar of all industries. No doubt without energy most the functions of our industries will be down. Due to climate change and global warming, new generation of power plants which uses renewable energies such as wind and solar, is becoming more popular and favorable. CitiBlue is expertise in designing and developing wind, solar and CHP power plants.

Wind Farms

Wind is a clean resources of energy and wind farmscan be built in location with high wind capacity. At CitiBlue, we’re able to design and develop wind farms up to 100kW.

Solar Farms

Sun is a reliable resources of energy and solar farms can be build in almost everywhere on earth. Solar farm efficiency can increase up to 20% close to in some locations.


Combined heat and power power plant burns natural gas, bio gas or even diesel to produce electricity and because heat will be recovered the efficiency increase up to 95%.