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Innovative products for a better future

With the cooperation of our international partners and our Iranian experts, we have provide a wide range of innovative solutions in water and energy to meet the strategic needs of our world. Here you can find some information about those products and if you’re interested to know more about them, contact us today.

Solar Powered Evaporating System

The most advanced and low consumption solar powered evaporating system designed and developed by CItiBlue. It’s designed in a way that can be installed by an operator. For inquiry about price, models and technical specification, contact us today.


Desalination Suitcase

The most advanced and most practical portable desalination system designed and developed by Much More Water that fits in a suitcase and perfectly meets the requirements of relief units. For more info contact us today


Desalination Equipments

We’re honored to introduce ourself as one of the leading companies in providing premium equipments for desalination units including membrane, filters and pumps. Looking for desalination equipments? Contact us today.


Solar Equipments

We’re not just solar designer and installer but also provider of equipments from panels to inverter and also batteries for off-grid projects. We’re honored to offer lead-crystal batteries for the first time in Iran.