Combined Heat & Power

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Combined Heat & Power! A Sufficient DG Solution

“Cogeneration” refers to simultaneous generation of heat and electricity, and systems with this mechanism are called “CHP”. These systems are capable of generating electricity and retrieving produced heat, which can be used as thermal energy for divergent purposes. Because of heat retrieval mechanism, CHPs are 80% and higher efficient. Recovered heat is used for heating purposes or in industrial processes. When it comes to restricting fossil fuel consumption, green- house gasses emission and improving energy efficiency, these systems are unrivaled.

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1 Benefits


Simultaneous generation of power and heat, low energy loss, energy consumption management, high efficiency and ... are just a few benefits of combined heat and power units. Also, these generators are useful for improving the inactive defense due to their scale and dispersion.

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WaterStation designed and developed for special military units which are looking for mobility and fast response. It can be used as a solar generator or a portable desalination unit. Mobility, low noise and quick setup are just a few features of this system. This system provides 5 kWh electricity per day and has integrated generator for any emergency case which solar is not available.

3 Supports


Some government supports combined heat and power plants by providing cheap natural gas and guaranteed PPA. In Iran, government support CHP plants with very cheap natural gas and 5 years limited PPA.

CHP Power Plants

For those who want to invest in power plants for a long term, CHP is a perfect option. Selling electricity and heat together increases the income and decreases the rate of return. Some governments like I.R.IRAN support such types of power plants by supplying free or very cheap natural gas.


Hotels, hospitals, sport complex, industries and many more use diesel generators as the emergency power. There’s a better alternative and that’s CHP. Your emergency unit provides heat and electricity while you lost your main power supply. In normal condition, exceed electricity will be sold to national grid.

Building Facilities

If you haven’t heard about 3rd generation of central heating systems such as boilers, chiller or other parts, it’s your turn to learn more about it. CHP and micro-CHP are the next generation for building facilities and are growing very fast in developed countries. You’re about to see the future by CHP...

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Consulting & Designing

Based on your needs and requirements, we design your power plant and prepare feasibility study. Also we create implementation stages and as your consultant, we help to reduce costs, increase efficiency and prepare everything for a best outcome.

Providing & Construction

At CitiBlue, we’re able to provide micro-CHP, CHP units up to 500kW, portable CHP, diesel and natural gas powered CHP. Our technical team is expertise to design and develop exhaust and body heat exchangers and convert disele generators and gas generators to CHP units

Maintenance & Support

At CitiBlue we believe in plug & play. Don’t worry! we run your power plant, take care of that in all stages and be with you whenever you need us. We’re available 24/7 to provide comprehensive after-sales services to our customers. You trusted you and we don’t let you down...

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